Art beat (July 26-Aug 22)

Updated: 2013-07-26 14:54

(China Daily)

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Intimate concert

Hong Kong pop singer Hacken Lee is going to transform a stadium into a symphony hall at his concert in Guangzhou this Saturday. His deep rich voice will add allure to the live performances of piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, accordion, harp, guzheng and suona. Four bel canto singers offer vocal accompaniment in harmony. Lee says he and the band will adopt a new technique to make his voice sound closer to the microphone, as if he is whispering the songs into the audience's ears.

8 pm, July 27. Guangzhou Gymnasium, 783 Baiyun Avenue South, Baiyun district. 400-610-3721.

Bronze with warmth

Art beat (July 26-Aug 22)

[Photo/China Daily]

A collection of 104 bronze wares and jade articles that have a history of 2,000 to 3,000 years is on display in Guangdong Museum. These splendid relics were unearthed in Shanxi province and experts believe they were produced in the Jin state (1033 BC-403 BC) during the Zhou Dynasty. Both bronze and jade articles were to symbolize a person's social status. These bronze items will change your ideas of cold, hard bronze ware with their mellow lines and vivid patterns.

9 am-5 pm, daily until July 31. (closed on Monday) Hall 1, 3/F, Guangdong Museum, 2 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou. 020-3804-6886.

Selling Chinese identity

Made-by-China brands all want to stand out in the global market with their so-called "Chinese characteristics". But does Chinese style equal playing with elements such as qipao and dragons? Mao Jihong, founder of Chinese fashion brand Exception de Mixmind, shares his ideas about how designs are able to reflect their cultural roots. Hsu Shun-ying, chief creative officer of Ogilvy Fashion & Lifestyle, will discuss secrets of successful cultural marketing. Hsu, from Taiwan, is an acclaimed designer in the Chinese advertisement industry and has helped foreign brands including Toshiba and Nissan to win the hearts of Chinese consumers.

7:30 pm-9:30 pm, July 31. Fangsuo Commune, TaiKoo Hui Shopping Mall, 383 Tianhe Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou. 020-3868-2327.

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