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Updated: 2013-07-03 08:49

(China Daily)

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She mixes her career with her life, and she has an obsession and purity about art that reminds me of Vincent van Gogh.

Guo Xiaonan, Mao's husband and director of most of her stage work.

Mao has not only surpassed the Yin School of Yue Opera, to which she used to belong, but also transcended herself. She is able to communicate with the young generation, and her influence goes beyond that of her predecessors.

Bai Yansheng, host of CCTV's Chinese Opera channel.

Mao absorbs nutrients as if she were a sponge, enriching herself from all forms of art and experimenting with a variety of approaches when designing stage details. No wonder people call her 'the hope of Yue Opera'.

Wang Shiyu, a famed performer of Kunqu Opera.