Growing up on back of a horse

Updated: 2014-03-18 06:28


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"When you sit on the back of a horse, it's the moment your courage grows." These are words one mostly hears on equestrian fields. Every weekend, little equestrians take training courses at Biaozhuo Equestrian Club in Guangzhou, South China's Guangzhou province. "My daughter likes the course so much so that she skips dancing classes," said Lin, the father of a four-year old. "Riding a horse could help her get close to nature and build her courage," he added. Other than developing courage, chidren's patience and perseverance also grows while on the horse's back. Horseback riding is a charming sport, a coach with the club said. "It may take only three months to learn the basics, but it takes more than 30 years to learn more than riding itself."

Growing up on back of a horse

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