Trending news across China on Sept 8

Updated: 2013-09-08 15:16


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Costly relationship

For cash-stricken freshmen who still long for a college romance, they may be disheartened to read a post that says a college boy would spend around 9,800 yuan ($1,588) a year on average to maintain a school relationship in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The average monthly living cost for a male student stands at around 1,100 yuan ($178), according to

Gifts for teachers

Gift cards are selling well as parents rush to show their appreciation to teachers with the annual Teachers' Day around the corner. The trend has put further pressure on parents who are already stressed over increasing education costs. (

Cold mooncakes

The unexpected sluggish sales of mooncakes have upset the industry's upstream suppliers. A package supplier said it has turned to toothpaste cardboard instead to offset the loss. Mooncakes used to be a hot item before Mid-Autumn Festival. High-priced, luxury versions of the cakes were popular as gifts. This year, sales dropped due to a crackdown on mooncake-generated government spending. (

Film award

Trending news across China on Sept 8

Taiwan-based director Tsai Ming-liang won the Grand Jury Prize for his film Jiaoyou (Stray Dogs) at the 70th Venice International Film Festival on Saturday. The film, which many people found elusive, tells the story of a disgraced man, Hsiao Kang (played by Taiwan actor Lee Kang-sheng), who holds signboards for a living on Taipei's bustling streets.

Don't marry your coach, Serena!

Iconic Chinese tennis player Li Na added a little fizz to her after-match news conference when commenting on her archrival Serena Williams' alleged spark with her coach. "Don't get married (with the coach)," Li said, "because my experience is an example of how a man can change after marriage." Williams rolled over Li on Friday to book her place at the US Open final.

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