Trending news across China on Sept 6

Updated: 2013-09-06 10:01


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Grating inside

Trending news across China on Sept 6

A former vice mayor Fan Ping from Sichuan province has been teaching inmates courses including pottery-making and painting, and instructing them in important life principles in the hope that the young offenders will mend their ways. Ping was sentenced to 16 years in prison for corruption and graft in 2008,

Money hell

A man surnamed Chen from Xi'an, Shaanxi province said the 20 100 RMB bills withdrawn from an ATM contained 11 notes signed "Chinese Hell Money Bank". Police said investigation is still under way with the possibility that someone switched the real bills for the 'hell' ones.

Fake Hermes

A woman surnamed Guo said six luxury bags she purchased from Hermes store in Europe, four turned out to counterfeit. The bags each costs over 450,000 yuan ($73,530). A Chinese female star was also reported to have bought a fake Hermes bag for 700,000 yuan in a similar incident earlier.

Police checks

A picture of a police car in Hebei province which appeared at the Hebei Vocational College of Politics and Law on its first day of school day has been published online to see if it was used for private use.

Complete tit

Trending news across China on Sept 6

A woman who attempted suicide due to a failed breast implant was pulled to safety in Shanghai's Jing'an district. The woman, standing on top of a plastic cosmetic surgery hospital, said she failed to get compensation from the hospital after repeated negotiations.

Secret cheat

A man was indicted on charges of intentionally disclosing state secrets in Shanghai. On Sept 22 last year he cheated a national level construction engineer exam by his wife sending him the answers through a wireless earphones from a car near the test site.


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