Student health OK for military training at PKU

Updated: 2012-09-19 20:20


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Fewer students visited the school clinic during military training at Peking University than had been reported online, the university said.

Rebutting allegations questioning the health of its students' physical condition, the university reported Wednesday that 1,298 freshmen made 5,649 trips to doctors at the school clinic during military training, much lower than the 3,500 freshmen reported to have made trips to the clinic.

Six hundred of the visits were for upper respiratory tract infections, the top reason for going to the clinic, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

"During military training, as long as a student comes to the school clinic for reasons like taking medicine or applying ointment, there will be a record of their visit," said an officer of the public relations department of Peking University.

Students at Peking University didn't doubt their physical fitness.

A student majoring in French said not so as many students fainted during military training as netizens claimed online.

Most Chinese university students are required to go through military training to enhance patriotism and self-discipline when they enter universities in China.