Woman paralyzed by pet parasites

Updated: 2012-03-22 13:12


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A woman has been left paralyzed after parasites from infected pets eroded her bones, Guangzhou Daily reported.

Zhou, 21, from Hubei province, spent years consulting doctors after suffering from constant fever and began losing the use of her lower limbs.

Eventually, doctors at Zhu Jiang Hospital finally performed a biopsy and discovered the rare form of a type of echinococcosis.

Zhou's mother said her daughter is fond of cats and dogs and often sleeps with her pets.

Doctors believe Zhou may have been infected by the pet parasites since childhood. Her bones have been eroded by the bites from the parasites over many years.

Experts say parasites can infect children through interaction with pets, and incubate in the human body for years. Families with pregnant women or children are advised to fully quarantine their pets.