Drought shrinks China's largest freshwater lake

Updated: 2012-01-04 13:02


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NANCHANG - The water-surface area of Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake, has plummeted to less 200 square km due to persistent drought, according to the Jiangxi provincial hydrographic bureau.

Statistics released by the bureau show that average precipitation in Jiangxi in 2011 was 21 percent lower than the annual average in the past several years.

The lake is fed by five rivers in Jiangxi and empties into the Yangtze River, the nation's longest.

Currently, the water level of the middle and lower reaches of the Ganjiang River, one of five rivers discharging into the lake, has reached a record low of 12.35 meters, 0.47 meters lower than the previous record low, according to the bureau.

Cities along the Ganjiang River are preparing to tackle a possible water shortage, according to the bureau.