Foreign and Military Affairs

China refutes Japan's 2011 defense white paper

Updated: 2011-08-04 06:16


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BEIJING - China on Wednesday expressed its "strong dissatisfaction " with Japan's 2011 defense white paper, saying it contains irresponsible comments on China's national defense construction.

"The Japanese 2011 defense white paper made carping and irresponsible comments on China's national defense construction," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said.

Ma made the remarks when asked to comment on the China-related content in Japan's 2011 defense white paper, which was published on August 2.

Ma said China's reinforcement of national defense and military modernization drive is entirely for safeguarding its national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, not targeting any other country.

"China's development is offering significant opportunities to all countries in the world including Japan". He said, "China has not, and will never be a threat to any other country".

"I hope Japan can learn from the past, seriously reflect on its own defense policy and do more to deepen mutual trust with neighboring countries, maintain regional peace and stability, not the contrary," Ma added.

Ma also reaffirmed China's adherence to the path of peaceful development and pursuit of defensive national defense policy.


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