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Celebrities react on Lu's anti-gay remarks

Updated: 2011-07-06 16:53


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A well-known actress triggered heated discussion and criticism last week by citing the Bible to express her disapproval of homosexuality on her micro blog after New York lawmakers narrowly voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

Lu Liping, 51, is a Christian. Since last Wednesday she has updated several micro blogs in which she called homosexuality a crime loathed by God. >>>

Following are some comments from celebrities on Chinese actress Lu Liping's anti-gay remarks:

Celebrities react on Lu's anti-gay remarks

Stanley Kwan

(Hong Kong movie director who's also a gay):

I don't really have much to say on this incident, because I am homosexual myself, but does she think it is necessary to criticize homosexuality? I am baffled about why she airs such views since she has her religious belief.


Kevin Tsai (Taiwan TV host who claims he has a boyfriend whom he wants to marry in the future):Celebrities react on Lu's anti-gay remarks

Ms. Lu, the homosexuality you are hostile toward is not an abstract concept that does not feel pain and hurt, but represents millions of gays and lesbians in the world. It is not difficult to find them among the play staff and the media, which have given you kind cooperation and support, and the audiences who have offered you unconditional support and love, many are homosexuals. How can you discriminate against them? Showing gratitude and repaying debt is one of the fundamental principles of being a noble man. No matter what kind of religious belief you hold, it is not acceptable to bite the hand that feeds you.

Dee Hsu (Taiwan TV host): We should not hate someone just because they are different from us. We should not think the world should be like what it is now just because the majority is similar to us. Parochialism is a source of hatred and a major reason accounting for backwardness and lagging behind.

Li Yinhe (A leading sexologist):

Celebrities react on Lu's anti-gay remarksLu Liping's words are ignorant, backwards and even reactionary, which have broken the social and moral bottom line. It is understandable if an ordinary person makes such comments, because people are different. Some are more conservative and some more open-minded. However, the fact that Lu Liping, being a public figure, delivers such words is unforgivable.

In fact, Christianity does regard homosexuality as evil, but only extreme conservative Christians are against it. Freedom of religion should be respected, but why does Lu Liping choose to be an extreme conservative Christian devoid of tolerance? Public intellectuals should be more tolerant and liberal, rather than bigoted and insular.

Charlene Choi (Hong Kong singer): The most important thing is to have a kind heart. Many homosexuals are very nice and kind-hearted persons.


Celebrities react on Lu's anti-gay remarks

Lynn Xiong Dai-Lin

(Hong Kong actress):

Sometimes homosexuals are better at treasuring what they have, respecting others and understanding that true love is difficult to find. Love is great and equal for all, irrespective of nationality, age and gender.


Celebrities react on Lu's anti-gay remarksChristine Fan (Taiwan singer):

I support homosexuals and don't think homosexuality is in conflict with faith. It makes me feel the world is big and God's love is boundless, which is a great feeling.


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