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China to play constructive role in regional issues

Updated: 2011-06-21 16:57


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BEIJING - China is committed to properly handling and resolving disputes through dialogue and consultation and willing to play a constructive role in resolving regional hot issues, Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said Tuesday.

Cui made the remarks in an interview on the first round of China-US consultation on Asia-Pacific.

Cui and US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell will co-host the consultation in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday. The two countries will exchange views on the situation of the Asia-Pacific region, their respective policies on the area, as well as other issues of common concern.

Considering the diversity in the Asia-Pacific, China stands for promoting regional cooperation based on the principles of consultation, openness and inclusiveness and solving issues step by step, Cui said.

As one of the most vital and energetic regions in the 21st century, the Asia-Pacific enjoys good economic development and increasing regional cooperation, Cui said.

"The Asia-Pacific is becoming an important engine to drive the growth of the world economy and its global position is rising," Cui said.

"The issues and challenges the Asia-Pacific is facing have not changed the trend of its rapid development and rise," Cui said.

Countries in the region have broad common interests and consensus in issues such as maintaining regional stability, promoting regional cooperation and peacefully resolving regional disputes, Cui said.

China, as an important member of the Asia-Pacific, shoulders with other countries the important mission of safeguarding regional prosperity and stability, Cui said.

China adheres to the path of peaceful development, mutually beneficial open strategy and the policy of friendship and partnership with neighboring countries, Cui said.

"China is willing to cooperate with other Asia-Pacific countries based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, to jointly build peaceful, stable, cooperative and a win-win regional atmosphere with equality and mutual trust," Cui said.



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