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Cambodia, China Red Cross renew co-op deal

Updated: 2011-06-21 16:19


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PHNOM PENH - The Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) and the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) on Tuesday renewed another five-year-cooperation agreement from 2011-2015, aimed at providing mutual help in humanitarian activities.

The agreement was signed between CRC's president Bun Rany, wife of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, and RCSC's visiting vice president Hao Linna.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Hao Linna said Cambodia and China Red Cross have made mutual cooperation since 2001 and the cooperation agreement has been renewed every five years.

"The agreement signed today aimed at intensifying humanitarian cooperation between the two countries," she said, adding"through it, there will be visit exchange, information exchange and mutual help in humanitarian work and in case of disasters".

Meanwhile, Bun Rany expressed profound thanks to China for her active participation to help Cambodia in both humanitarian and economic development activities.

"The generous assistance from China to Cambodia in all circumstances has been inscribed in the hearts of Cambodian people," she said, adding"day to day, the relations and cooperation between our two countries are closer and they will be flourished forever".

Later in the day, China's Huawei Technologies, a leading global telecommunications solutions provider, made a donation of $300,000 to the CRC for its humanitarian work.

The donation was made between Chen Rui, chief executive officer of Huawei Technologies (Cambodia), and Bun Rany.

"The contribution from private companies to the CRC is very important to assist Cambodian people who are the most in need of help,"she said.

Huawei Technologies opened a branch in Cambodia since 1999.



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