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Special: My daddies' stories

Updated: 2011-06-20 13:39

By Lu Yanyu and Jia Xu (

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Special: My daddies' stories

@ Eastern Wings: Sorry for bad immitation, dad

My father was crippled in an accident in his youth and my deepest memory of him is connected with his lameness. When I was a child, I once imitated his manner of walking for fun without noticing his embarrassment and fury. I feel guilty of this stupid act now. I want to say sorry to my father and wish him happiness on this Father's Day.

@ KatrinaMao: Thrift dad is my model

My father is a man thrifty to himself but generous to others. Once, when he arrived at the train station after a long trip at midnight, and the bus services were no longer available, he managed to walk back home instead of taking a taxi to save money. Because of the foul weather and the long distance, he caught a severe cold the next day.

@ PhoebeBi: Dad's considerate "small" protection

I lived with my father from the time I was two years old. Being small and short, I stumbled every time I tried to walk up to him and would hit my head on the corner of his desk. At first, he used his hand to cover the corner to protect me. Later, he carefully fixed some self-made soft cushions on each corner of the desk so that I would never be hit again.

@ Maga Lamp: Thank you daddy

My father is very considerate and careful. Once when I had a high fever, he kept me company me and sat by my bed while I was asleep, busy putting a wet towel on my forehead to lower my temperature. Every time I woke up, he would smile and ask, "Are you feeling better now? I've got some lukewarm water for you. Drink more, have a nice sleep, and you'll be fine by tomorrow." Thank you, daddy!

@ Gene-Zhao:Dad's shadow on campus

When I was accepted by the county-level, key senior high school, my father took me and my heavy luggage, riding 25 kilometers to register at the school. He also arranged everything for me, and we parted after having lunch together. Shortly after I returned to my dormitory, he returned to see me saying "I am concerned that you may get lost in this new environment." Eleven years have passed, and I am still on campus pursuing a diploma of higher levels, I hope to pay back his love and care soon.

@ Chen Liuen: Dad bears suffering silently

Three years ago, my father suffered a heart attack and underwent an operation in the city where my university is located. He didn’t tell me anything until the operation was successfully performed. I cried on seeing him, while he played calm and acted like nothing had happened. It was that very day that I noticed that dad looked fragile and began to show signs of aging and it was that very moment I made up my mind to be brave and become a strong support for my father.

@ Gu Yuling: Thanks for giving me secret pocket-money

When I was small, I used to clamor and cry a lot if Mom refused to give me pocket money. Once at such a moment, Dad secretly slipped one yuan in my hand, winking his eye at me with a smile. I happily rushed out with the money. Perhaps, that's what we call happiness.

@ Run in forest: Good dad never discourages my music talent

When my father once picked me up from school, I was worried to be scolded as he had noticed a whole case of music tapes hidden in my room. Expecting severe criticism, I was quite surprised to hear him say, "It is beneficial for girls to listen to music but remember, do not indulge too much in it. Besides, where did you get money for these tapes? Did you skip your meals to save money for them? Mind your health." I was touched and realized that in the eyes of my father, the most important thing is not only the high scores I could get, but the happiness I enjoy.

@ 2004813853: I missed the last glimps of my dad, he passed away

My father passed away in Oct. 2009 and since then Father's Day has become something I don’t like being reminded of. While my father was hospitalized, he kept saying it was just a small ailment and he would recover soon. I believed his words because I always thought he was strong and tough. However, just one month after my first semester in university, he was in a critical condition. On my returning home, I burst into tears at the sight of his frail figure. He left us the following day. I wish him the very best in the other world.

@ Yuan Xiaofu: Dad is a helpful contact

My gift after passing the college entrance exam was a cell phone. Although I had this long-desired present, I couldn’t contact my old friends because the university was in another province and I had lost contact with them. One day, to my surprise and joy, I received several text messages from my peers. As I talked to my younger sister about this over the phone, she told me it was daddy who gave my phone number to my friends, hoping that they would give me support and share my sorrows and joys in a new city.

@ Catching in the wind: Dad and I do homework together

When I was a kid, I was quite naughty and often absent minded while doing homework. Thus, father decided to take me to his office after work to supervise and accompany me studying. Since then, we studied together sitting on each side of the same desk. In this way, I was taught to be a diligent man. Thank you, daddy!

@ July's tail: Dad waits me outside school gate

At the time when I entered middle school, the school offered only dormitory accommodation without beds. Every student was required to bring his or her own bed. By the time my father sent my bed to school, there was no longer extra space for it. The school was not too far way from home; therefore, each night, I would walk back home with other kids and I would see my father standing by the gate waiting for me. According to my mother, for quite a long time, he felt guilty and even wept behind me for failing to send my bed to school timely enough.

@Miffy: Rainy days in my memory

When I was in primary school, my parents were dispatched to a small town to assist in the construction of the countryside. Therefore, I studied at school in the city from Monday to Friday, and my father would pick me up on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with them in the town and then send me back to school again on Monday morning. We did so for two years. One Monday morning, as we arrived at the school gate, it rained heavily. As my father was about to leave, I realize that I forgot to take my red scarf with me, which was imperative to wear when entering school. My father rode back for two hours to fetch it in the countryside amid the heavy rainfall.

@ Nankai Dream: Not only a good son, but a good son-in-law

My father has a great relationship with his father-in-law, my grandpa, it is like they are father and son. As my uncle died years ago and my aunt is in a poor health condition, it is left to my parents to look after my grandfather. They accompany him whenever they are free and sleep by his bedside almost every night. While my mother would sometimes take a rest during the day, my father would continue to work, fetching medicine and contacting doctors.

@ Huangtingting123: My father's "magic charm"

"My father doesn't like to talk very often but I feel he has some magic charms that bring surprise and good news to us. Once I told my father that my bike was broken while he was busy mending a machine. He didn't reply to me then, therefore I thought he would not have time to help me fix it. Yet to my surprise, the second day, when I was about to walk to school, he said "Why don't you ride your bike?" At that moment, my eyes were welling with tears. Like the silence, his love is silent but important to me.

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