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China, ROK sign pact to protect online copyright

Updated: 2011-06-11 07:54


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BEIJING - China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) agreed Friday to let the Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC) help protect the copyrights of Korean writers regarding infringements via the Internet.

The CPCC signed an agreement with the Copyright Commission of the ROK in Beijing at the Seventh Sino-ROK Workshop on Copyright, which was co-sponsored by the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of ROK.

China has established a relatively perfect law system on copyright while making increasingly greater efforts in cracking down on online piracy, said Wang Ziqiang, director of the Copyright Management Department of the NCAC.

Online piracy, however, is a global problem and the international mechanism for the online copy protection should be further strengthened and improved, the official said.

Duan Guijian, director of the CPCC, said building up a mechanism for the purposes of interest-sharing and protection of copyright in the fields of Internet and new media is the only solution for dealing with the issue of Internet-related copyright problems.


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