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China dominates Military and Police Sniper World Cup

Updated: 2011-05-31 06:13


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BUDAPEST -- China took first place in four out of five events at the 10th Military and Police Sniper World Cup in Budapest on Monday.

The five individual and team events for both police and military categories included 24 exercises from a distance of 20 to 420 meters. The exercises had to be executed according to real life situations, including night shooting, within a designated time limit.

Xu Bo of China won the police individual event with 956 points, the highest score in the entire competition. China's Qi Baosong came second with 928 points, while Josef Prochazka of the Czech Republic placed third on 902 points.

Xu Bo's winning score also earned him a second top spot as best overall individual shooter. Josef Prochazka and Libor Havlis of the Czech Republic won the police team category. China's Xu Bo and Meng Qing Feng came second while Stefan Meisterhofer and Martin Kunz of Austria finished third.

In the military individual category, Hu Xiang of China won with a score of 907 points. The Czech Republic's Petr Marek scored 891 points to come second while fellow Czech Richard Maska came third on 853 points.

China's Hu Xiang and Zhang Hua won the military team event ahead of Petr Marek and Thomas Hekele of the Czech Republic in second place and their compatriots Richard Maska and Petr Novak in third.

The 3-day competition held at the Hungarian Police Training Centre in the Hungarian capital attracted 118 participants from 19 countries, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, the U.S., Belarus, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Bulgaria, Britain, China, Germany, Macedonia, Israel and Vietnam, as well as the hosts Hungary.


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