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Deaths of two girls make their father blind

Updated: 2011-05-30 08:48

(China Daily)

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A man in Yongchuan district, Chongqing municipality, went blind after losing both his daughters within four years.

Deaths of two girls make their father blind

Chen Kaizhong, 57, a resident in the district, did not marry until he was 36 as he suffered from amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. In 1992, he had his first daughter and worked very hard to provide for her.

In 2008, the girl graduated from junior middle school and, to reduce the burden on her parents, went to work during summer vacation. Two months later, Chen and his wife learned that their 15-year-old daughter had died after an accidental fall from a tall building.

Chen was so saddened by this tragedy that his left eye went totally blind and his right eye was partially affected.

In December 2009, Chen's wife gave birth to their second child, another daughter. However, the little girl drowned in a pond near Chen's house on May 3, while he was preparing dinner for the family. Chen said it was his fault because his poor eyesight hindered him from taking proper care of his daughter.

Chen's wife cried every day after their second daughter's death, and could only fall asleep at night with her daughter's doll in her arms.

(Chongqing Economic Times)


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