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Ministry eyes democracy in naming school buildings

Updated: 2011-05-27 21:13


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BEIJING - A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education (MOE) said Friday that schools should use "democratic channels" and seek feedback from teachers and students before naming teaching buildings.

Spokeswoman Xu Mei said this in response to recent heated debate over the naming of a Tsinghua University teaching building after a well-known clothes brand, Jeanswest.

People said the university was "selling itself" which was indicative of the "falling spirit of universities," while others said it was normal for campus buildings to be named after a donor.

Xu said according to a regulation of the then State Education Commission in 1997, titles of teaching buildings and classrooms should not be named after individuals or enterprises, and any exceptions had to be approved by the higher authorities.

However, the State Council, or the Cabinet, abolished the MOE's right for examining and approving names of school buildings in 2004.

"The MOE appreciates education donations, and hopes that donors and recipients can negotiate names that reflect both gratitude towards donors and schools' development orientations," she added.


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