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Chinese, Swiss FMs meet on bilateral ties

Updated: 2011-05-06 11:02


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BERN - Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Thursday held talks here with his Swiss counterpart Micheline Anne-Marie Calmy-Rey on bilateral ties.

During the meeting, Yang spoke highly of the progress China and Switzerland have achieved in their relations since the signing of a memorandum on strengthening bilateral dialogue and cooperation in 2007.

Yang said the Chinese government attaches great importance to developing ties with Switzerland and appreciates the Swiss government's adherence to the one China policy.

China is ready to work with the Swiss side to continue taking care of each other's interests and concerns, keeping close communication and coordination, maintaining exchanges at various levels, enhancing dialogue and cooperation in economy, trade, finance and science, and pushing for long-term steady growth of bilateral ties, on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits, he said.

Calmy-Rey, who is also president of the Swiss Confederation, said Swiss-Chinese ties have grown steadily, with China becoming Switzerland's largest trading partner in Asia and their investments in each other's countries rising constantly.

Calmy-Rey said Switzerland is opposed to protectionism, attaches importance to negotiations on free trade with China, and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China in the fields of finance, scientific research, intellectual property rights and consular affairs.


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