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Fiji seeks China's help with fresh water pearls

Updated: 2011-04-30 16:32


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SUVA - Fiji is seeking China's help with fresh water pearls, local newspaper Fiji Sun's website reported on Saturday.

The friendly bilateral ties with China will see a new development - the starting of fresh water pearl farms, taking shape in Fiji, which has been possible through a recent visit by Fiji's Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni to China's Zhejiang Province, said the report.

Luveni was quoted as saying that apart from receiving the 500 electrical sewing machines from the Zhejiang Province, his delegation also had the opportunity to see some of the economic programs in China, one of them being the fresh water pearl farms.

Luveni said there was a huge demand for fresh water pearls in the Asian markets and given that Fiji has natural resources along with assistance from China, the proposal has been made for some fresh water pearl farms to be developed in Fiji.

"What interested us was that they had man-made ponds for pearl farming and they have offered to provide the technical assistance then followed by other required assistance in the setting up of fresh water pearls farms in Fiji,"he said, adding"we will wait for the technical expertise from China to come and identify the location that would be best suitable for this development."

Talking about the visit, Luveni said the objective of the visit was to strengthen Fiji's friendly relations with China's Zhejiang Province and at the same time explore new opportunities for women development in Fiji.

The trip provided a good exposure on women development projects that can be replicated in Fiji, he added.


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