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China, Indonesia set up oceanic observation station

Updated: 2011-04-28 21:56


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BEIJING - China and Indonesia have set up a joint oceanic observation station in Padang, the capital of Indonesia's West Sumatera province, according to a statement by China's State Oceanic Administration (SOA) on Thursday.

This is the first time fot China to jointly establish an overseas oceanic observation station with a foreign nation, said the statement.

The observation station, located in Padang's Bungus seaport, will help scientists from both countries to study the changing ocean and strengthen the ability of both nations to cope with climate change, according to the statement.

"It will also contribute to the prevention and reduction of marine disasters, the protection of the oceanic environment and the utilization of fishery resources," the statement said.

Liu Cigui, head of the SOA, visited Indonesia this week and attended an opening ceremony for the observation station in Padang on Wednesday.

Liu said the SOA was ready to expand cooperation with Indonesia and will jointly set up three to five oceanic observation stations in the future.

"We can share our experience in the ocean development and management sectors and contribute to the region's social and economic progress," Liu said.

The construction of the observation station started in May of last year. The station now features an automated weather monitoring station and a satellite positioning system.

According to the Padang local government, data that has been collected and made available by the observation station has greatly benefited lcal fishermen and the economic development of the region as a whole.


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