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China's foreign aid serves South-South co-op

Updated: 2011-04-21 15:48


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BEIJING - China's foreign aid falls into the category of South-South cooperation and is mutual help between developing countries as China is the world's largest developing country, says a white paper on China's foreign aid issued on Thursday.

China has a large population, a poor foundation and uneven economic development while development remains an arduous and long-standing task, says the white paper issued by the Information Office of the State Council.

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The paper gives several basic features of China's foreign aid policy.

One is that China has been unremittingly helping recipient countries build up their self-development capacity as practice has proved that a country's development depends mainly on its own strength.

Another is imposing no political conditions as China never uses foreign aid as a means to interfere in recipient countries' internal affairs or seek political privileges for itself.

China has been adhering to equality, mutual benefit and common development in foreign aid policy.

China remains realistic while striving for the best as it provides foreign aid within the reach of its abilities in accordance with its national conditions.

Also, China's foreign aid keeps pace with the times and pays attention to reform and innovation, adapting to the development of both domestic and international situations, the white paper says.


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