China vows to double workers' pay in 5 years

Updated: 2011-04-19 11:18

By Jia Xu (

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China is striving to increase the average wages by 15 percent each year in a bid to double workers' pay by the end of 2015, a senior labor official has said.

The ambitious plan was revealed by Yang Zhiming, vice minister of the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security during a national labor relations conference on Monday, reported the Beijing Times.

Authorities in 13 provinces raised the minimum wage by an average of 22.8 percent since the start of the year, with more cities likely to follow suit, Yang told the meeting.

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The problem of migrant workers failing to get paid on time will be addressed by the newly-revised Criminal Law, which added "malicious arrears of wage crime" into its articles thanks to MHRSS lobbying the Standing Committee of National People's Congress earlier this March during China's "two sessions."

"We'd spare no effort step by step to ensure there's no wage-arrears in China by the end of 2013," Yang said.


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