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Classroom clowns are now online sensations

Updated: 2011-04-11 10:15

(China Daily)

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Two college students in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, have become superstars on the Internet after a photo of them in a classroom, in which one is smiling with his buckteeth exposed while the other is gazing vacantly and stretching his neck, became an online hit.

Classroom clowns are now online sensations

Zhang Yong and Yu Zhenzhe, junior students at two universities in Hangzhou, were nicknamed "brother buckteeth" and "brother lost" respectively after the picture taken of them in the same high school six years ago was widely circulated on the Internet.

Since the photo first appeared on a micro blog on March 11, many Web users have superimposed their images over popular TV characters and cartoon figures.

More than 100 versions of their picture, including one with the Titanic as a background, are circulating online and have been viewed by millions.

Rather than being dismayed or offended by their Internet celebrity status, the pair said they have enjoyed their rise to stardom. They said their instant messaging services have exploded because online users want to talk to them.



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