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China to give maximum support to quake relief: FM

Updated: 2011-03-20 08:18


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China to give maximum support to quake relief: FM
Foreign ministers of China,Japan and the Republic of Korea met on Saturday ini Kyoto to discuss cooperation in crisis management. [Photo/Xinhua] 

KYOTO, Japan- Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Saturday that China will extend maximum support to cooperate with Japan in the relief operations and reconstruction work and expressed hope that Japan will overcome the nuclear crisis as soon as possible.

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Yang made the remarks when he met with his Japanese counterpart Takeaki Matsumoto at the 5th Trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea held in Kyoto Saturday.

Yang Jiechi first offered condolences to victims of the disaster on behalf of Chinese government and said Chinese people were deeply affected by the earthquake since China experienced a devastating earthquake in Sichuan province three years ago. Many Chinese nationals living in Japan also took part in the relief work to pull together with Japanese people in times of trouble.

Yang said Japan is China's close neighbor and China attaches great importance to the diplomatic relations between the two countries. China hopes to work together with Japan to promote communication and cooperation in different areas, handle the sensitive issues properly, enhance strategic mutual trust, expand common interests, improve people's feelings, in order to promote China-Japan strategic and mutually beneficial relations continue in-depth development.

Matsumoto expressed gratitude for the dispatch of relief team and supplies by China following the massive earthquake, saying Japan will continue its effort in helping Chinese nationals in Japan and promoting the cooperation in disaster relief and disaster preparedness.

He also said that Japan values the China-Japan strategic and mutually beneficial relations, expressing the hope to promote high- level exchanges and communications and cooperation in different areas, in order to improve the bilateral relations, commemorating the 40th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations next year.

Matsumoto also briefed Yang how Japan is currently coping with the nuclear crisis in Fukushima Prefecture, saying that they will offer timely and transparent information on that.

Yang and Matsumoto also exchanged views on the situation in the Korean peninsula.

On the same day, Yang also met with South Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Kim Sung Hwan. They expressed their willingness in supporting Japan's relief work and promoting Sino- Korean bilateral relations and cooperation in international and regional issues.


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