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China withdraws 1,115 more evacuees from Malta

Updated: 2011-03-01 06:41


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LUQA, Malta - Four chartered planes of China Eastern Airlines left Malta Monday, taking home 1,115 Chinese nationals evacuated from Libya.

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The forth Airbus A340 plane with 275 evacuees on board took off from the Malta International Airport at about 08:40 pm local time (1940GMT), bringing the total number of Chinese nationals back home from Malta to 2,223.

The flight CES 266 with 275 Chinese nationals on board flew to Beijing while the other three will land in Shanghai, according to Chinese Embassy in Malta.

Three chartered flights are expected on Tuesday, the embassy said.  

In the past 48 hours, three chartered cruise ship with 4,800 Chinese evacuees have reached Valletta, capital of Malta.


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