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China urges Libya to ensure foreigners' safety

Updated: 2011-02-26 12:55


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GENEVA - China is very much concerned about the situation in Libya and urges the Libyan authorities to take concrete and solid measures to enusure safety and legitimate rights of all foreign nationals in the country, a senior Chinese diplomat said here Friday.

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Internal dialogues are needed for the Libyans to find a political solution to their current problems, Ambassador Wang Qun of the Chinese delegation to the United Nations Office in Geneva, told a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Libya situation.

China hopes that the session would help the Libyans achieve that goal, he added.

The ambassador also expressed concern over the possible effect of a proposed suspension of Libya's right to membership in the council.

Among the issues of the session is a resolution that calls for suspending Libya's Human Rights Council membership and launching an independent investigation into alleged abuses in the country's unrest. Libya is a member of the council since May 2010.

On the proposed suspension, Wang said China holds that there is still room for thorough discussions on the issue, and that any actions taken by the special session regarding suspension of a certain country's right to membership in the council does not constitute a precedent.


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