WTO upholds China's principal claims against US anti-dumping rules

Updated: 2016-10-20 10:00


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GENEVA - World Trade Organization dispute panel on Wednesday ruled against several anti-dumping measures taken by the United States as violation of WTO rules.

In a report circulated on Wednesday, the panel upheld China's principal claims concerning the unlawfulness of targeted dumping and separate rate applied in certain anti-dumping proceedings by the United States and found the 13 anti-dumping measures taken by US Department of Commerce in violation of WTO rules.

China welcomes the ruling in a statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, stressing that this WTO dispute relates to several industries including machinery and electronics, light industry, metals and minerals, etc. with the annual export value amounting up to $8.4 billion, and influences a great trade interest of Chinese industries.

China urges the US to respect the rulings and recommendations of the panel report, earnestly correct its wrongful practice of abusing trade remedy measures as soon as possible, ensuring that Chinese enterprises could enjoy a fair competition environment in the international market, according to the same source.

On Dec 3, 2013, China resorted to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, challenging the use of certain methodologies by the US in its anti-dumping investigations involving Chinese products.