AIIB head fields questions from news executives

Updated: 2016-06-01 09:58

(China Daily)

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AIIB head fields questions from news executives

Pana Janviroj, executive director, Asia News Network

How long until the United States or Japan joins the AIIB?

I cannot speak on behalf of the US government or the Japanese government with regard to the membership issues. The door has opened, and will remain open. This is our basic principle. And as we are inclusive, if any country wants to join, they pick up the phone, give us a ring and discuss the rest of the issues. You know, the conditions are all stated in the articles of agreement. But I want to highlight one point, that regardless of the membership of any country in the world, we can work together.

As I said, the companies of the United States and companies of Japan can participate in the international competition, and they will be treated equally and fairly. This is our basic principle.

I have already hired some US nationals to work in this institution, sit in various positions, and I told you that we would have some Japanese nationals. We are still in the recruitment process, interviews. I am sure the Japanese nationals will meet our standards. We are indeed very happy to have any national of any country who can serve this institution. So I highlight this point again and again, that regardless of who is a member, there are various ways that we work for the companies and work for the nationals.