Is Monkey King making history in animation industry?

Updated: 2015-07-22 08:50


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Is Monkey King making history in animation industry?

A poster of Monkey King: Hero is Back [Photo/IC]

BEIJING -- "Monkey King: Hero is Back," the 3D animated adaption of the classical epic "A Journey to the West, " has reaped around 500 million yuan (about $80 million) since opening on July 10, becoming the most successful Chinese animation in history.

The film's performance could match many Hollywood productions, including Dreamworks' "The Croods", which took in about 400 million yuan in 2013 in China.

"Monkey King: Hero is Back" tells of the story of the Monkey King's encounters with his future master, Monk Tang, before they embark on a pilgrimage to India, defeating monsters along the way.

A Chinese film with Chinese hero

Director Tian Xiaopeng credited the movie's popularity to the special story, which revolves around Chinese hero the Monkey King, who is forbidden from using his all-mighty powers in the latest film.

He said unlike superheroes in Hollywood movies such as Captain America,the latest rendition of the Monkey King simply looks like a close friend with a bit of oriental heroic spirit, which includes helping strangers in danger.

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