Chinese to strengthen industry associations

Updated: 2013-04-03 10:32


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BEIJING - China will improve the nation's industry associations in an effort to streamline government agencies and readjust governments' roles, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on Tuesday.

The ministry is going to further decouple industry associations from government agencies to which they were previously affiliated and bring into full play their roles in market regulation.

It will also launch a campaign to boost the self-discipline and social credibility of industry associations.

During the campaign, industry associations are required to separate from government agencies in every aspect, including institution, personnel and finance and to improve their internal organization and management.

They are also expected to bring forward their industry-wide regulations, for instance on quality and service criteria, and to establish industry credit management systems encompassing social evaluation, credit "blacklisting" and punishment measures.

Furthermore, the ministry urged, industry associations should disclose information to their members regularly, including information on financial balances, overseas visits, donations and funding received, and annual work reports.

The ministry will award industry associations which excel during the campaign by favoring them in fund grants, and will investigate widely criticized ones.