Beauty Crown launches another global competition

Updated: 2011-04-06 10:40


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Beauty Crown launches another global competition

BEAUTY CROWN – where Miss World is crowned, now launches another global competition.

Beauty Crown Exhibition Centre, the landmark of Sanya city, Hainan province of China, has witnessed crowning of 5 Miss World. On the same venue, a group of architectural buildings are now under construction and aims to be an iconic legend to stun the world in the near future. A global competition with a top prize of USD 150,000.00 is now inviting you to participate, kindly sponsored by the developer – Sanya Huachuang Beauty Crown Investment Company Limited. All architecture talents are welcome to present their detailed designs on its tree-shape facade optimization for the creation of a legend.

The slogan for this competition is "Wisdom seen through Sceneries, Excellency revealed among Details". How will you integrate the architecture into landscapes, thus show wisdom through sceneries? How could you blend the design factors and reveal them and finally win from the details?

With an investment of over RMB 10 billion for the project and design awards of 1 million yuan, the Beauty Crown project invites you to build a world-class landmark architecture in China.

The basic design of Beauty Crown buildings is the rare mangroves in Sanya. With an advanced principle of green life, all the buildings resemble 9 huge trees with fruits, branches, roots. Each "tree" stands at 100 meters. Standing in the landscapes, the "trees" form a romantic and elegant state of itself together with the background.

Beauty Crown launches another global competition

Beauty Crown launches another global competition

Aside from the architecture, world's top international teams will be invited for the designing of building's interior decorations, lighting, outdoor landscaping and as well as property operations and management. With all these efforts, the Beauty Crown project is set to be a world-class landmark structure. After Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai, it will definitely become another blockbuster in the world architecture history.

Are you willing to be part of the successful team member?

Do you wish to be the million yuan prize winner?

If yes, please log in Closing date: May 4th, 2011 @ 24:00 hours, Beijing time (GMT +08:00).


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