Charging network for electric vehicles expanded in HK

Updated: 2011-03-16 11:26


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HONG KONG - The charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) has been expanded to cover all 18 districts in Hong Kong, said Hong Kong's Financial Secretary at an EV publicity event Tuesday.

"In collaboration with the power companies and the property development sector, we are glad to report that some 300 charging points are now available for public use around Hong Kong," said John C Tsang.

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The network will support the increasing number of EVs expected to be introduced into the local market, including vehicles such as the "Nissan LEAF" EV which was unveiled at the event.

"This sends a strong message to our community that Hong Kong is preparing to become an EV-friendly city by establishing the essential infrastructural support in anticipation of the growth of our EV fleet. Together with incentives from the Pilot Green Transport Fund to be set up in this month, the adoption of EVs is expected to take a leap forward in the coming year," said Tsang.

The event also features the debut of the "Nissan LEAF" EV, a 5- seat electric saloon car with a maximum speed of 145 km/h and a driving range of over 160 km per full charge.


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