HK to monitor Japanese food imports

Updated: 2011-03-14 10:10


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HONG KONG - The Center for Food Safety in Hong Kong will check fresh products from Japan for radiation, the secretary for Food and Health Dr York Chow said Sunday.

According to Chow, Hong Kong does not rely largely on Japan for its food supply and whether to quit importing products from Japan will depend on the level of pollution.

Regarding the radiation leakage from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, Hong Kong government will liaise with the Japanese government to see if they need help, he said after attending a meeting Sunday about possible quake-affected Hong Kong people.

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He added that any Hong Kong patients can be treated there or sent back to Hong Kong for further treatment.

"I think the Japanese government would check all the people that are in the neighborhood of the nuclear plant to see whether they are affected. Whether Japanese or non-Japanese, they will be treated the same," he added.

Chow reiterated that the Hong Kong government was prepared to help, though the quake and tsunami-stricken country was holding up well in the disaster's aftermath.

He expressed that "we will be communicating with the Japanese government through the Consulate-General to see whether they need anything. We are always ready to help."


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