Iran begins 3rd day of air defense drill

2010-11-18 19:55

Iran began testing radar systems on the third day of its air defense drills, the local satellite Press TV reported on Thursday.

Iran fires domestic S-300 missile successfully

2010-11-18 17:03

Iran has designed and tested successfully an air defense system that has the same capability as the Russian-made S-300 missile system, the local satellite Press TV reported on Thursday.

Seoul: Six-Party talks outrank ship sinking spat

2010-11-09 15:48

Reconciling with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) over its alleged attack on a warship of Republic of Korea (ROK) is not a precondition for resuming stalled multilateral talks over ending Pyongyang's nuclear programs, local media quoted an official in Seoul as saying on Tuesday.

ASEAN welcomes general election in Myanmar

2010-11-09 13:38

Vietnam, the rotating chair of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) this year, said on behalf of ASEAN that it welcomed the general election in Myanmar

Indonesian students protest against Obama's visit

2010-11-08 17:07

Prior to the visit of US President Barrack Obama to Indonesia, a number of student groups staged demonstrations to protest the visit.

Indian left-wing rebels blow up railway track

2010-11-08 14:35

India's Naxal rebels struck again Monday by blowing up a railway track in the eastern state of Bihar, which led to the derailment 10 wagons of a freight train, a senior police official said.

Thousands protest in Seoul before G20 summit

2010-11-08 11:07

Thousands of people chanted anti-globalization slogans in South Korea's capital Sunday to protest this week's Group of 20 summit. Part of the crowd attempted to march down nearby streets but were stopped by riot police, who fired pepper spray.

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