Obama congratulates Hollande on winning

2012-05-07 09:14:50

US President Barack Obama congratulated Francois Hollande on his victory, saying the US would collaborate with France on global issues.

Hollande ousts Sarkozy as French leader

2012-05-07 07:42:12

Socialist Hollande promised to start a pushback against German-led austerity policies.

Germany pledges to work with Hollande's France

2012-05-07 06:17:28

The German government welcomed Francois Hollande's victory in the French presidential election, stressing the two countries will continue to work together.

Sarkozy fails to floor Hollande in vote duel

2012-05-03 16:42:28

French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a last-ditch appeal to far-right voters on Thursday after failing to land a knockout blow.

Sarkozy, Hollande square off in fierce debate

2012-05-03 11:03:50

Sarkozy and Socialist challenger Francois Hollande went through a fierce verbal battle in a prime-time televised debate.

Sarkozy calls for new French model

2012-05-02 06:45:56

Incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for a new French model based on hard work and entrepreneurship, battling to catch up with Socialist challenger Francois Hollande.

Sarkozy, Hollande to face off in presidential run-off

2012-04-23 17:00:32

President Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Francois Hollande have emerged as the leading candidates.

Hollande, Sarkozy to fight in presidential run-off

2012-04-23 04:03:11

French socialist candidate Francois Hollande and incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy will face each other in the May 6 run-off, exit polls showed after the first round of voting ended on Sunday.

France's election frontrunner hit by flour bomb

2012-02-02 10:03:14

France's Socialist election frontrunner Francois Hollande (C) stands at the podium after he was attacked with a shower of flour by a woman in the audience during a speech on housing in Paris in this still image taken from video Feb 1, 2012.

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